No Place to put the Pots and Pans?


When I first moved into my apartment, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to do with my pots and pans. I hated just stuffing them in a cabinet because I had to sift through them all to find the one I wanted, and they didn’t stay as clean. However, I also couldn’t put up a pot rack, because the mounting hardware I would have to use went against the rental agreement.

If you have this problem, a simple way to hang your pots, that doesn’t look bad and can even be color-coordinated with your kitchen (BIG PLUS!!!) The 3M Command Hooks (the ones that hold at least 3 pounds, choose wisely depending on how much your cookware weighs!), are an awesome alternative to cabinets! It has worked so well for me, and, all in all, I only spent around $6!



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