Cute Picture Idea


 So I really wanted something different for this weird space in between two windows in my living room, and this is what I came up with, it is in a frame that is for 8.5″x11″ from Ikea, and the frame is about 9.5-10″ W x about 13.5-15″ L.

 What You Will Need:

-A piece of scrapbook paper with something like music, inspirational quotes, or word-cloud like things, repeated continuously on it. (You can find these at almost any craft store, Michaels and Joann usually have great selections.)

-A frame, of whatever size you desire

-either an idea of the type of cutout image you want (I chose a tree) that you can draw or create a stencil out of one you find online.

-a piece of either single color cardstock or a piece of colored construction paper in the color you want the cutout image to be. Try to get a color that will contrast well with the scrapbook paper but won’t overwhelm it.

-A gluestick (preferably a small one, less sticky mess afterwards 🙂 )

– Some scissors, kid size works best if you are going to be cutting out something smaller.

1) First off, you need to cut the piece of scrapbook paper to fit your frame.

This is the cutout image I chose. This pic is to aid in steps 2,3, and 4

2) Next, take the cardstock or construction paper, whichever you chose, and either trace on the image you want to cutout, or draw it on yourself.

3) Carefully cut out the image

4)Figure out where you want to place the cutout image at the base of the scrapbook paper that you cut to fit the frame earlier.

5) Paste the cutout image onto the paper.

6) Put the scrapbook paper, with the cutout image glued onto it, in the frame and hang it!

And there you go, very simple, but a very cute way to spruce up a space!



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