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Here is a link to a great DIY tutorial from Poppytalk for painting prints onto fabric. I would love to do this myself, but given how clumsy I am, how much mess I tend to make with paint, and the fact that I rent, I think I shall forego doing this one! But anyone who does not have my issues should definitely have a go at it if they like the idea! As soon as I find the link to they way to put prints on fabric using freezer paper I shall post it! In the meantime, have fun printing fabric!



Cute Picture Idea


 So I really wanted something different for this weird space in between two windows in my living room, and this is what I came up with, it is in a frame that is for 8.5″x11″ from Ikea, and the frame is about 9.5-10″ W x about 13.5-15″ L.

 What You Will Need:

-A piece of scrapbook paper with something like music, inspirational quotes, or word-cloud like things, repeated continuously on it. (You can find these at almost any craft store, Michaels and Joann usually have great selections.)

-A frame, of whatever size you desire

-either an idea of the type of cutout image you want (I chose a tree) that you can draw or create a stencil out of one you find online.

-a piece of either single color cardstock or a piece of colored construction paper in the color you want the cutout image to be. Try to get a color that will contrast well with the scrapbook paper but won’t overwhelm it.

-A gluestick (preferably a small one, less sticky mess afterwards 🙂 )

– Some scissors, kid size works best if you are going to be cutting out something smaller.

1) First off, you need to cut the piece of scrapbook paper to fit your frame.

This is the cutout image I chose. This pic is to aid in steps 2,3, and 4

2) Next, take the cardstock or construction paper, whichever you chose, and either trace on the image you want to cutout, or draw it on yourself.

3) Carefully cut out the image

4)Figure out where you want to place the cutout image at the base of the scrapbook paper that you cut to fit the frame earlier.

5) Paste the cutout image onto the paper.

6) Put the scrapbook paper, with the cutout image glued onto it, in the frame and hang it!

And there you go, very simple, but a very cute way to spruce up a space!


Put a Bird On It :p


So I have a ton of jewelry, but wanted a way for easy access to my bracelets in my bathroom, and I had already solved the necklace issue  (see previous post). I got a cute bowl from Ikea, but I wanted to give it a little flair, so I put some birds on it! (For those of you who don’t know, that is a Portlandia reference). 

All you need to do is find a cute bird picture/silhouette online (For some reason the only things I can’t draw are animals and humans, but if you can, go for it!), and you also need a pencil, an x-acto knife, and a paint pen/pens/.

-using your x-acto knife, cut out the silhouette, trace it onto the bowl with a  pencil

-Once you have everything traced on that you want on, carefully paint it with the paint pens, after that dries, paint pen on another layer.

-And you are done 🙂

I know it is not the coolest of crafts, but it certainly added some flair to a plain bowl!


Create Some Cool Coasters (or if you don’t want to use them as coasters, artwork) Out of Ceramic Tiles


like this, or this

What you will need:

Some Ceramic tile (you can get it at Home Depot)

Acrylic paints, or paint pens, or both

Gloss Varnish, like Duraclear, etc. (You can find it with the paints), you could also use the spray on type, but that has to be done outside and is horrible to breathe in, it also doesn’t leave as nice, thick, and glossy a protective coating

Paintbrushes, at least one fairly large one, like the green one in the pic. (if you are going to be using just paint pens, you will just need the large one)


A pencil

A Glue Gun, and some glue sticks for the glue gun

*Optional: some sandpaper

*Optional, Step 1:get rid of the ridges on the sides of the tiles if you want, be careful to make it even, after you do this, you must put a sealant on the part that was sanded and let that dry.

Step 2: Draw out the outline of whatever image you want on the tile with the pencil, you will have to go over the lines well, and be careful as it smudges easily. If you have no drawing skills, you can print out an image and cut out the lines with an x-acto knife, then trace that on.

Step 3: Paint the first layer of paint carefully, although you can dampen a paper towel, cover the point of the pencil with it and use that to carefully wipe away any mistakes. Let that dry, then keep adding on layers of paint until you are satisfied with it.

Step 4: While waiting for the paint to dry, cut a square (or whatever shape your tile is) slightly larger than the tile (about a cm on all sides) out of the felt.

Step 5: Once the final layer of paint has dried completely, carefully, and VERY GENTLY, apply a semi-thick layer of the gloss varnish onto the tile (make sure you get the sides too!) Using the larger brush (do NOT use one that does not have fine, thin, soft bristles! Or else it will scrape away the paint) Also make sure that the hairs on the brush are not loose and do not come out onto the tile, as they will stick. Also do not use sponges or rollers, these will wipe/scrape the paint away/ damage the acrylic painting). Once the first coat is completely dry, apply another layer. All in all, apply about 3-5 layers of the gloss varnish.

Step 6: Heat up the glue gun, make sure it does not fall over and is not on anything flammable, I suggest using an old metal pan or a ceramic plate that you don’t mind using to Stand the gun on. For those of you who haven’t used a glue gun before, you should have a glue stick in the gun as it is heating up.

Step 7: Carefully apply the felt to the bottom of the tile with THIN lines of glue from the glue gun. Make sure to put glue in the middle too! Also make sure you have glued as close to the edges as possible.

Image to help with steps 6 and 7, how the felt should look after applied

Step 8: After the felt is applied, take your x-acto knife, or scissors if you do not have one, and CAREFULLY cut away the excess felt from the edges, making sure not to scrape them.

Et Voila, you have a cool, one of a kind coaster, or piece of artwork!


Enjoy! ~K

If you put this tutorial on your own blog PLEASE make sure to link it back to this one!

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